Someone to create custom branded desktop and android client apps for me. fully branded

first create a desktop setup exe for me, I’ll provide logos. .fully branded with no nextcloud names or links during and after installations and when running the app. .then show me how. .10 - 20 bucks ASAP . or WhatsApp or telegram 264816798281

pls rescue me

Will probably cost you more than 10 or 20 bucks, but I wanted to mention it, in case if you can’t find someone to do it for you…

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Nextcloud is Nextcloud. The user can find infos e.g. in website sourcecode and also the standard functions does not change.

Perhaps you can first change some default settings for your company.

I think this is easy, i just cant follow through how to compile the desktop client source code using visual studio. .cant you help me then? make a step by step video to compiling the desktop client app. cause i have searched on internet Youtube nothing of that nature only installing the Nextcloud server side host app, Those I can do and i already have fully customized my web server installation of Nextcloud, the only thing left is how to compile the desktop client app using windows computer. .or if there is a ready made VMware or VirtualBox image with the right environment that i can download and just click the compile button that would be awesome! somebody show me how to compile it ! step by step, or make a video of it please!

Somebody SAVE ME !

Need help in building desktop client