Some uploads not working w/o error msg

Some uploads do not work using Win or Linux clients. No error message is produced. I realized it almost too late when a bunch (~100) .csv files were missing in a data treatment project folder. I moved big chunks of data (several GB) from another file to my current NC folder and expected everything to be uploaded, however some files won’t. Repeating the operation even in the concerned folder did not help.

Checking more in-depth, a few .gpx and also .png files were missing, too. I find this alarming.

Could this be an issue related to upload limits?

Configuration: NextCloud AIO self-hosted, clients on Win and Ubuntu 22.04, everything up to date.

You may find something helpful in the client debug logs (even if you don’t wish to post them in their entirety you can search for some of the involved filenames and see if there are some hints as to what is going on around those lines).

Might also be worth reviewing the Nextcloud server-side log.

Anything in particular about these folders? Are they Group Folders, encrypted, or in External Storage or anything like that?

Hi @jtr , nothing special about these files.

I ran more tests in the Linux client like adding or subtracting some folders from the client’s sync list, so the files get downloaded from the NC server and then I can compare further.

However I found that some of the files that did not get sync’d fall in one of these criteria:

  • they contain a tilda “~” because they are some kind of lock file
  • their extension is
    • none
    • .js, .db, .py, .pyc,
      which gets me to ask if there is an ignore list somewhere in NC?

I will dig further to what happened to the .gpx files now that I have protocols running in the client settings.

One thing that helped so far is disabling bulk uploads (what the hell… again, no error msgs).

Some problems persist but can seemingly be cured be repetitively de- and re-activating the sync for the respective (sub-)folder in the client… a lot of hard manual work…