Some problem with NextCloud 14 VM


  1. I installed NextCloud 14 VM. During the installation, joined the NextCloud to Active Directory. After Installation, I login to the Univention Management Console with “administrator” domain user. But when I tried to login to the NextCloud File, I couldn’t login with no user like (ncadmin/nextcloud) (nc_admin/nextcloud) (admin/admin) (admin/1234) (admin/nextcloud) and etc.
    I just can login with a domain user account. Even I couldn’t login with “administrator” domain user!

  2. I read admin manual of NextCloud in this link for resetting admin password, but I can’t find this path: /var/www/nextcloud/occ > See link

  3. Now I login with a domain user account to the NextCloud File. Then try to share a file to a user. I see “nc_admin” User and “admin (Group)” here!!!

Please help me.