Some Guidance/Clarity

good evening, im having problems in everyway possible. i only want to have an home server that i can connect to and get access to my movies/tv series/music and work documents. but i have tried it on a rpi3/rpi44gb and yesterday iv tried it on my old desktop intel i3 pc 6gbram.

im installing it through openmediavault via docker/portainer/terminal

im following the Techno dad life youtube guides to set up. step by step. everything is working for a day, no more then i just cant seem to gain access to my nextcloud. when i am going into the webserver client is giving me nextcloud error and nothing else. iv not check the logs yet, but im installing it again to see where i am going wrong or trialing settings to see if that fixes it.

im just curious to see if anyone else has had these issues and how to fix them cause my mind has blown! i am just stuck not knowing how to move forward.

any help would be very much appreciated.

Thanks, Craig.

I would recommend to use the search function of this forum to get an idea of what could go wrong during an installation. Usually only problems are reported here so that it should be an easy task to get some more insight of possible problems.

Trying to get a complex system up-and-running is sometimes the wrong way to go for a beginner, because Nextcloud requires an installed web server and php environment and also a running database. Try to keep it simple at the beginning and you should succeed.

I would recommend to use NextcloudPi for an installation. A detailed description of the installation process can be found here:

The Nextcloud VM is also an alternative. :slight_smile: