Some folders are shared twice with a (2) at the end of the name


I am using NC 9.0.52 and have an Administrator account which shares some folders for many users using different groups similar to a traditional file server.

The users have a few groups assigned to them depending on their roles which means that some group enable read write or read only on the shared folders. Some users have groups which overlap access to shares. For example a user in the Executive group gets read write to a share but he is also a member of the users group which gets read only on a specific share. In that case that particular user sees two folders shared with him with the same name but the second one has a “(2)” added at the end such as:

  • Financial documents
  • Financial documents (2)

The one share is read only and the other one is read write. This is totally confusing and I don’t even want to think about the desktop sync client which is going to sync all files of both shares redundantly.

Is this intended? and is there a way to switch off this behaviour?

Thank you


iirc @rullzer has patch for that, but it was not merged yet I think.

Thanks for the answer, any ideas where I can find this patch and if it will make it for Nextcloud 9.0.53?

Unlikely since it’s a rather huge change. Hopefully the next major…

Yes it was added to ownCloud core as a PR and has recently made complete. I’ll make sure to cherry-pick this indeed.

A repair step is included.

That’s great thanks, it is indeed a very annoying issue.

Just by curiosity, can you send me the github URL to that PR?

Sure I can:

Cheers! Would the repair step also be run automatically in the case where I would upgrade from OC 8.0.24 to Nextcloud 9.0.53?

Repairsteps are run on update, but you can also run them manually with
occ maintenance:repair

Note that just applying that PR won’t make the repair step run automagically. This PR is against ownCloud master.

Good to know. I was anyway going to wait for 9.0.53 to be on the safe side as I am planning to migrate a production installation.

Just upgraded to 9.0.53, unfortunately this issue with the shared folders is not fixed in 9.0.53 :frowning:

True. This should make it into NC10.

@rullzer now that NC10 is out, can you confirm that this bug has been fixed in NC10?

Yes that should ™ be fixed

Great! I am waiting for this fix in order to move on from OC 8.2.4 to NC. Now can I directly upgrade from OC 8.2.4 to NC 10 ? or do I need to the upgrade in steps: OC 8 -> NC 9 -> NC 10 ?

It is currently not yet possible to skip major versions. So -> NC9 -> NC10

It seems that this fix is not to be found in 10.0.1. The problem is still in my Nextcloud installation. Many shared files and folders have suddenly ending xxx (2) (2) (2) (2) (2) (2) (2) (2) (2) Is there a solution?

I’m very new to using next cloud and just did a fresh install with the newest version.
I have the same problem. I share a folder with a group and as soon as a member of the group does a sync the (2) appears in the folder name.