Some files not syncing properly


I’ve started syncing files from a comptuer and some files are not syncing and showing a weird error:

Here is a log file:

Nextcloud version 14
Server Linux in Docker (Unraid):
Client: Windows 10

Files seem to be locked. Are you accessing from different clients? Did you set up redis as filelocking cache (do it if it is your own server).

I wasn’t accessing from different clients.
Can you refer me to a tutorial/instruction how to set up redis on a Unraid docker?

It is happens to me too, when I try to sync a lot of files or huge files and something goes wrong (sync was interrupted) like:

  • network outage,
  • Laptop going into sleep,
  • etc.

Files will remain locked by old session for some time. Usually it gets self repaired after some time - like sync could be completed next day.

Happens a lot, when syncing with external shares and NC server was not powerful enough to handle in time all files/updates/sessions to external share and files getting locked. Also will be unlocked after some time.