Some files can't be moved, they always went back to the origin folder

Hi there,

i have a strange problem which only affects one specific user in my Nextcloud.
My cloud is hosted at Hetzner, they say everything looks and works normal, i don’t get along with their support.

Nextcloud Version: 26.0.5

I have multiple Users, and the Problem is only showing on one, let’s name him John. John is saving files he want to edit or work on later in a directory which is called “1 PDF”, so he just stores a lot of files in there. After he worked on a file from there, he wants to cut the file, and sort it to another directory, for example a directory where he stores all the data for a customer. He is using WIndows 10, so he is doing ctrl + x, directs to the customer folder, and hits ctrl + v. The file shows up for about 2 seconds, then it disappears and it is back in the “1 PDF” folder. This is happening to about every 10th file he stores in the “1 PDF” folder. The only workaround is cut the file, place it outside nextcloud, and then move it to the destination folder. Even renaming does not work, as long as the file is in the “1 PDF” folder. since i am not able to get any logs and the support is refusing to help me (or has no idea, i don’t know, they just say everything looks good), what can i do? Any advice? I am able to run OCC commands via the Hetzner webinterface, does that help?

I tested multiple Nextcloud Client-Version, we are facing the problem for around 10 months now. We also deleted the folder and made a new one, but the problem is still there. So it might be an database issue?

I am very thankful for any advice, because i am not able to resolve the problem by myself.

Hope you all have a great day,
kind regards from germany,


Is that because it does not happen for the other users, or is it because other users don’t do it like that and if they did, they probably would experience the same?

If you go to the client logs, perhaps you can try to follow up if the procedures work fine. I already have a New Text Document.txt in the folder test.

08:49:59||test/New Text Document.txt|64|1|1697618971|f4d84b6f798dfa806977172d63eb175d|4|00963651ocx7851qw981|13||200|0|1673963072|28ebd6ef-58f7-4375-aed4-8062cecfb4e3|
#=#=#=# Syncrun finished 2023-10-18T08:50:00Z (last step: 849 msec, total: 26127 msec)
#=#=#=# Syncrun started 2023-10-18T08:50:15Z
#=#=#=#=# Propagation starts 2023-10-18T08:50:40Z (last step: 25419 msec, total: 25419 msec)
08:50:41||test/folder|8|1|1697619029||0|00964120ocx7851qw981|13|Unknown error|201|0|0|fbf718eb-57da-4491-b64c-175ed9211483|
08:50:41||test/New Text Document.txt -> test/new_file.txt|4|1|1697618971|f4d84b6f798dfa806977172d63eb175d|4|00963651ocx7851qw981|13||201|0|0|af9eac13-f5c6-4568-a17f-4228872a5876|
#=#=#=# Syncrun finished 2023-10-18T08:50:41Z (last step: 657 msec, total: 26077 msec)
#=#=#=# Syncrun started 2023-10-18T08:50:49Z
#=#=#=#=# Propagation starts 2023-10-18T08:51:15Z (last step: 25490 msec, total: 25490 msec)
08:51:15||test/new_file.txt -> test/folder/new_file.txt|4|1|1697618971|f4d84b6f798dfa806977172d63eb175d|4|00963651ocx7851qw981|13||201|0|0|96cff1c5-124f-4f9c-9cb1-ba9ff93c8d24|

I create a new subfolder folder, rename the textfile. Then move the textfile into the subfolder. So you can really follow the changes step-by-step. Perhaps some step is missed by the client or interpreted differently.

Thank you for your help. I work on the same cloud but with another user, so do at least six other people and no one, including me, ever faced this problem. It is just happening to this one user.

As i don’t have access to them, i need to ask Hetzner support for that. Can you provide me the folder where the logs are stored? It will hand that out to the support then, and post it here.

The question is if you try to do the same thing. E.g. if this user that has the problems does the same on a different computer with a different account.

One thing to check perhaps if you have the ransomware protection enabled, it might be triggered (existed until NC25->Ransomware protection - Apps - App Store - Nextcloud).

These are the client logfiles, you don’t need server access to that.