Some app directories are owned by a different user than the web server one. (Synology NAS)

I have installed Nextcloud on my Synology System using this tutorial.

I’v had everything running perfectly fine and so on. But just want to see if i can get this one little issue fixed because well why not. I was able to SSH into the machine and change the ownership to root:root but its still giving me the same error. I do not know who the default owner of these files should be.

Anyone able to help?

What error? What exactley are you trying to achieve and why?

I had a brief look at the tutorial… On the picture in Step 23 it says you should set the ownership to http:http. The command / task has to run as root but the folders and files of your Nextcloud installation should be owned by the user of the webserver, which apears to be “http” on Synology servers.