[solved] Which application for Tasks on Android

I would like to know which is the best application to consult/modify Nextcloud Tasks on android ?
Thanks in advance.

Hi, I always suggest this one:

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I like https://f-droid.org/en/packages/org.dmfs.tasks/

Thanks a lot for your replies
@szaimen : I am not sure about which is the good application to install. Do you have the “playstore” link ?
@ChristophWurst : I tried to add my nextcoud serveur, but it tell me that the account already exist (probably due to the “nextcloud” application installed on my android to have file synchronisation

Thanks again.

I would suggest installing the tasks app over f-droid:

I second this. I have been using tasks.org for some time now and it’s working flawless.
One nice thing about the app is, that you can connect to your Nextcloud directly without the need for DAVX5.

Do you use DAVx5? I think usually you first install the tasks app, then configure DAVx5 and the tasks app will automatically have access to the calendars configured in DAVx5.

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I do not know if I use DAVx5… Probably not if I do not know it…
How can I confirm that point ?
Another point is that I think my nextcloud server is not well configured because I have error/warning message in the settings/Overview panel
I will try to solve all these errors and come back to you later.
Thanks again

After a good configuration of apache2 for Nextcloud (specialy well-known rewrite options) The DAV synchronisation is OK with OpenSync appli and tasks are readable and writable in OpenTask apply.
Thanks again for your help.
Have a nice day.

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