[Solved] Version 8.0.2 dont work with coturn

Hello, since I upgrade to 8.0.2, talk is not working anymore, only black screen even there is entry on the log of turnserver.
Rollback to 8.0.1 solve the problem.

I can confirm the describe behavior on my server. Do you mind to open an issue ticket to get this fixed again. How do you managed to rollback to v8.0.1 without getting the software automatically upgrade to v8.0.2 again?


When I got the time to gather needed info I will open a ticket.
For the rollback, I disable talk 8.0.2 from occ remove files from /nextcloud/apps folder then extract files from version 8.0.1 downloaded from here.
When I log to the server, i got request to upgrade to 8.0.2 but didn’t do it.

The issue is with the web browser client only. It continuous to work using the android app.
I’ve opened a github issue:

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Thanks for the ticket! Personnally I have tested with webclient on intranet and android client on internet and it was not working too.

FYI, version 8.0.3 has just been published which fixes the issue.

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