!Solved! Thunderbird CalDav sync in linux not working with NextCloudPi

Hi there,
I was using very old OwnCloud (Ver. 7) on my old server and now
I switched to NextCloudPi, because server takes too much energy
and want to get away from OwnCloud. My problem now:
I can not sync calendars/contacts with my linux nootebooks,
I am using thunderbird native CalDav from lightning and Sogo
connector for CardDav, but both not working, but only the NextCloudPi
sync, the old OwnCloud sync is still running. On my windows
clients I got exactly the same version of thunderbird/lightning/
sogo connector and there everything is running fine, Own and
NextCloudPi sync. Also on my android devices, using CalDav/CardDav
everything is running fine. Only the NextCloudPi sync on the linux notebooks
is not working, no error messages, nothing, always says “no changes”.

Somebody maybe got a hint for me, what I am doing wrong?

Which version of Thunderbird are you running?

I’m synching calendar and contacts with Thunderbird as well and I use the Addons:

These work perfectly for me and got a rework for the last big changes in Thunderbird 68, which seemed to start handling Addons differently.

Thx for the suggestion, but I want to use native CalDav and Sogo connector.
But funny to find the solution at the TBSync site.

I found the problem:
It is thunderbird itself, funnily enough only the linux version.
Here is the solution:

Just add boolean network.cookie.same-site.enabled = false
to thunderbird about:config and everything is fine again. :wink:


Thanks for your solution. It works like charm. :slight_smile:

But, initially i could not find any plugins by the name “dav-4-tbsync” in thunderbird add-ons search.

Then by looking at the git repo, I found it is actually distributed under the name " Provider for CalDAV & CardDAV". I am not sure if it has been this way since the beginning.

Posting it here so that other needn’t do one additional lookup :wink: