[SOLVED] Static IP with Snappy Core

I have been running my pi3 with nextloud snap successfully for a while now, with the exception of having a static IP address. I have not found a way to do this in snappy core.

Snappy Core has a nice little GUI setup of the network, but for me it will only work with DHCP. I have tried entering the data needed for static IP, and I can find NC in my web browser when going to it’s local address, but the external access does not work. In addition, nothing in core that requires internet works (such as updating snaps, etc.).

If I switch back to DHCP everything works, until a new IP is assigned that is. I.e. the problem is not with port forwarding.

I know that someone here has a pi3 core NC running, so I am all ears :slight_smile:

Just two days ago:

How is this relevant?
The author writes “I found a way to set up a static address in the router”, which is not the solution I am looking for.

Are you sure? This way you use DHCP which allowed you before to use port forwarding on your router. Perhaps your router does not allow port forwarding for self-assigned IP or needs to explicitly to enable it, or you need to use an address outside the usual ip range used for DHCP.

Yes I am sure this is not relevant. I also don’t understand what connection you are drawing between DHCP and port forwarding. DHCP has not allowed me to use port forwarding, they are quite separate features.

Either way: The problem is SOLVED! During this troubleshooting session I noticed that there had been released a new core version for pi3, and this solved the static IP problem. Now the GUI can be used to setup static IP. However, it does seem to have some problems with the built-in WiFi of the pi3, so I will open a new topic on that.