[SOLVED] Sharing sporadicaly not working / Error creating share

Hey all,

I got a strange issue from time to time.
When I want to share files, sporadically I receive the error, that the Share ID could not be found.
Procedure is a follows:

  • I click on a file I like to share
  • Click the Share Button and the Share Menu opens, so far so good
  • Now I would liek to edit the shares properties, thats where I receice a banner in the top right corner “Error updating the share - Share ID could not be found” (It´s a german message in my case)

Some of you got an Idea about that?

Best regards

Nextcloud version 22 (current stable, Hanson IT Appliance)
Operating system and version Ubuntu 20.04.2 LTS
Apache 2.4.41

For those who are facing the same issue, I got it solved with help of this thread / wivakus answer:

tl;dr: The issue was the default expiration date for the shares. After disabling both settings it works perfectly.