[Solved] Setting up email doesn't work

Hi, i know there are some other topics of this, but none could help me.
I am trying to set up Mail for the first time, but i always get an error message.
Usually at SMTP could not connect.

But all details are correct. I tried with own domain email, with Gmail and others and i can not set it up. i always get the error message.

Any ideas?

A bit more Info would be apprechiated.
When you would use the template when creating a Topic in the Future, that would be awesome.

Also i guess the corresponing port ist just blocked somewhere.
If you can rule that out, maybe we start by posting our mailconfig here (sans sensitive information of course).

And welcome :slight_smile:

Hi, ok. I can’t make it work. This is what i enter the fields:

But i always get this error:
Error while creating the account: Creating account failed: Error connecting to SMTP server.


No one? Any ideas? :frowning:

I tried to connect to the mail account through my server, it works.

On your server, you perhaps have something in place that block outgoing connections. Or it is even your provider, that you can easily check by connecting to smtp via telnet: https://mailtrap.io/blog/2016-07-26-how-to-test-smtp-server (if it doesn’t work via terminal, it is either a firewall setting on your system or from your provider).

It was my server provider 1and1. They had the port closed.