[Solved] Set quota for shared folder


let’s assume you have a public link share of a folder with write access.
Is there any possibility to define a quota for that folder?

Background is that we need write access to that folder and also want to prevent that this folder is used for storing mass data.

maybe it’s not directly possible…

but what about this workaround-idea? make an own public circle and a group for your folder (e.g. publicfolder). merge group to circle and grant your desired quota to this group (should be possible via group-setup).
haven’t tested it yet - just guessing


I guess this DecaTec’s answer should work (not tested yet) but only for a share that is stored directly in nextcloud itself.

If you use a SMB share on a external storage, you will have to use the quota of the storage itself (Win Server for example).

@JimmyKater That was a good hint!
But I solved it now with group folders: I simply create a group folder with a quota. The user creating the public share links is the only member of that group. Then creating public share links with (with upload/editing enabled).
When hitting the group folder’s quota, the anonymous user uploading to the public share will get an error message.