SOLVED Read videos directly on nextcloud in streaming mode

I run nextcloud 26.0.3 on a shared server OVH. How may I read video mp4 in streaming mode directly on nextcloud.
Right now I only get the audio of the file and not the image.
Apparently video player app doesn’t appear anymore on apps list.
Thank you for helping.

That looks like a codec issue. Some codecs are not supported by all Browsers/OS’s

Since mp4 is only a container format that can bear a broad variety of codecs, you will have to check, what codec was used for compression and maybe reencode it into a wider supported codec that is supported by your browser/os.

With the App Metadata - metadata, you can see in what codec your mp4 file was compressed.

Example for a random mp4-file:

i’m verry sorry. Video was the problem