[Solved] Problem caldav iOS

Hi everybody,

I got a problem syncing iOS cal with my nextcloud. It keeps saying “Username/Passwort can’t be verified” or I get a SSL error.
My NC version is 12.0.3.
The address which works perfectly on Android and Windows is like https://wolke.example.de:9443/…

I tried different combinations for the link addresses like here. Also the solution mentioned in that post should already be included/patched in 12.0.3, right?!

And the .htaccess shipped with NC should do the redirecting job for my setup (vhost with document root in /var/www/nextcloud/), right?!

Any hints are welcome!
Thank you very much!

Are you using the specific address for iOS and CalDAV? Another thought (which I can’t confirm) is maybe iOS won’t do CalDAV over port 9443, and it has to be 443

Yes, I tried the specific address for iOS and Caldav (https://SUBDOMAIN.DOMAIN.COM:PORT/remote.php/dav/principals/users/USERNAME/) and some more like in this post.

As I read on the Apple site iOS tries to use port 443 and port 8443 as standard. And as I understood several other posts there is no limitation on ports to use as many people seem to use different ports for that purpose. But I did not try the standard ports so far.

Maybe any other ideas?

OK, works now.

I simply changed the password to something less special. Worked with the suggested address at first try.

It is hard to imagine I was not able to enter that former password correctly that many times. Seems to me more likely iOS maybe has problems with some special characters.

I have been using the generated app passwords that Nextcloud has you do without issue, if that means anything for the future. That way you have the password you know to use and then a password to just use once which is unique per application

I had the same problem with the same version of NC 12.0.3 and iOS 11.0.2.

I used my email as username and by simply changing it to a username (not email) it worked like a charm.

I got the same error of not being verified and not able to use ssl.