[SOLVED]Onlyoffice unavailable on NextCloud 28.0.1


I’m new to this place so excuse me if I don’t respect the rules of this community ^^'.

I have a NextCloud instance running in a docker container and on a dedicated server (OVH). I recently changed the image of this container from nextcloud:27.1.3 to nextcloud:28.0.1 (I’m using docker-compose to create the app and database all together)

I was using Onlyoffice to edit .docx and .odt files and it was working just fine before I updated the container but now that my Nextcloud version is 28.0.1 I can’t open any .docx nor .odt files anymore and i’ve got this error message :
“ONLYOFFICE is unavailable. Contact your administrator.”

Did I do something wrong when updating my container ? Or do I have to wait until Onlyoffice releases a new version which will be compatible with NextCloud 28.0.1 ?

Thank you in advance :slight_smile:

Dunno. Maybe this[1] is related to what you’re seeing.

[1] Stops working after upgrading to NC28 · Issue #916 · ONLYOFFICE/onlyoffice-nextcloud · GitHub

Thank you for your answer.

I tried the solutions that are in your link but get another error (example.com doesn’t allow connexion). I will try to find why i have this error.

Ok, I found what the problem was.

When looking to my apps folder documentserver_community wasn’t there, even if it was installed and activated. When trying to uninstall then reinstall the app I got another error.

So I went to Nextcloud’s apps hub and downloaded documentserver_community then extracted it to my apps folder. That plus the changes in lib/public/AppFramework/Http/Response.php, as said in your link, made OnlyOffice work again.

Thank you for your time and help !