[SOLVED] Object Storage with OVH issues

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I’m using an object storage as a primary storage (with OVH). It works ok, but when I open a folder with too many pictures, it crashed everything. My object storage becomes unavailable, and the only thing nextcloud would show is ‘storage not available’.

I’ve contacted OVH about that, and they’ve told me it’ because we use too many tokens, and I can only use 60 per minute. So they were saying that Nexctloud instead of using 1 big token for requests uses too many. Is that the case? I think the problem comes from them, but I prefer ask here first.


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I get too many requests in the log.

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There is already a report on the bug tracker:

The team doesn’t seem interested on that issue, they don’t respond, it’s becoming a real problem now for me…

We are just a community. Object storage is probably still more used in company environments, so the community has little knowledge to help you.

They have limited resources and need to prioritize their tasks. If you need guaranteed help and can’t do it yourself (or one of your developers), Nextcloud GmbH provides an enterprise support with reaction times.

Actually the problem was supposed to be solved in the version 12, but somehow it’s still here. The problem is, I’m not an enterprise, just I find it more convenient to store my data in an object storage, and now if I want to use the web interface to browse my files it crashes.

Of course I’m not asking the community, but as object storage is proposed, that’s why I used it and now it’s problematic for me :frowning:

I have seen this:

Is this topic finally solved?

Yeah, at least for me, as soon as they merge the pull request it should work for everyone.


Can you post your configuration’ I’m trying to achieve the same with no success (“Storage is temporarily not available” error)