[Solved] No Bug Fixes and Features for calendar App anymore?


I am just wondering if there will be an update on the calendar app in the future.

For a about a year there are almost no Bug Fixes or Features or anything.
Is there a chance that there will be any focus on it?

I am just missing it totally.


untrue. last bug fix less than 2 months ago.

Yes, in the next couple of days :wink:

There are calendar releases including bug-fixes and features on a regular basis:

The last release was not even two months ago.

@Frankenstein Is there any particular bug that’s been critical for you and open for a long time?


Hi developers,


dont get me wrong please I am just a bit frustrated as you see

@georgehrke yes this would be this one which were in owncloud but somehow got wrong in nextcloud

ya. but as calendar and contacts are now featured within the NC-server-core it might take some time to get stuff fixed (maybe due to other stuff georg needs to do first).
but having as a featured β€œapp” i think it’s gonna stay for sometime.

Hopefully getting improved too :wink:

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