Solved - No Bluetooth sound after latest update

With the current 4.0.1 I can‘t listen to sound from mp4 files with the integrated player. The Files have worked before. iOS 14.6, rebooted. Sound from integrated speakers works well. Tested on iPhone XR and iPad 2020.

A big thanks for your work!


Plus one! I have this problem too, specifically when trying to use my Bluetooth headphones. iPhone speaker works fine. WIRED headphones work fine. ONLY the wireless won’t work and ONLY with Nextcloud. Bluetooth works fine with all other audio applications.

same here, there seems to have been an update to fix this and I now get audio through my airpods but I am unable to lock the phone and continue playback. Touch controls on the airpods also do not control the media (play/pause).

Hi, the new 4.0.2 should solve.



The problem is solved!

Thank you!


How is it solved??

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for me the issues i described above are still broken. Anyone else having the same?

I have same issue.
I spoke with apple they say its not possible to downgrade and they refering back to nextcloud. Nice work apple!!!
If this issue persist i have to buy a new phone with ios 14.5

After updating the Nextcloud iOS app, I have no more trouble with Bluetooth.

Arnesbuddy, do touch controls work with for you with airpods or are you using a different brand of headphones? are you able to lock the phone and continue playback?

Me, too, @jim543.

Even with the latest update (, while audio will once again play through my MPOW bluetooth headphones, the music controls on my iPhone 7+ (with latest iOS 14.6) do not interface with the Nextcloud player. Using the music controls on the iPhone starts my iPhone music playing ON TOP of whatever Nextcloud is playing.

AirPod controls start playing music on top too.
Locking iPad for 10 sec. and continuing the movie works.

noticed a fresh update last night but unfortunately it still seems broken

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Same for me. Bluetooth audio works, controls still don’t.

time to find another method of watching video files on my phone i guess :frowning: