[Solved] Migrate from Debian to Fedora

Hello, I installed Nextcloud on fedora on my raspberry pi, but apps in the app store are not displayed, so I can’t use apps like note or calendar.
Do you have a solution to this problem or an other way to migrate my instance from debian to fedora?

I’d guess some packages are missing or something is blocking the connection. Check the logfiles for more information.

Why do you not use Raspberry Pi OS (Wikipedia) based on Debian or use NextcloudPi? But i think your probem belongs not to your operating system choice. Please post more details e.g. logs and screenshots.

I just prefer fedora, I don’t use my raspberry pi only for nextcloud,
Here a screenshot of the logs

You can check on your server if you can connect the named websites with e.g. wget. Do you use a firewall or a proxy? Have you installed the package php-curl? What is internet_ for a Nextcloud app to use the named websites? Maybe you can deactivate the app for testing.

Maybe SELinux is preventing the connection. You can try disabling it: How to Disable SELinux on Fedora – TecAdmin

If the error disappears, either leave it disabled or configure it correctly: SELinux configuration — Nextcloud latest Administration Manual latest documentation


The error has disapeared, all is working now, thank you

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