[SOLVED]Limit Room numbers for users

Hi all.

I had succesfully added my BBB server to my NC with this amazing app, THANK YOU!!!

But I have a problem with this. I see that users have no limit for creating rooms and I want to know if there is any chance to limit room creation and how. In a perfect world, we would not need to do it, but we know that this isn`t that world and many of my NC users are like cavemans with a keyboard…

Thank you all again!!!

Hi Gotzon,

you find the option to specify restrictions on the admin page (there where you entered the bbb server details).


Hi Klaus!!

Thank you for your answer. I am looking at my admin page in Nextcloud, at advanced options, where I put my BBB url and secret, but there are only 2 more options: Use NC config at BBB and put BBB app at settings or at app bar.

Is there another section that i am missing?

Thank you again!!!

Hi Klaus!!!

I found it!! My god, it was really easy to found!!! But I was confused and I think that choice was for another app. My apologies and thank you very very much for your great work and help.