[SOLVED] Integrate Mediawiki into NC using External sites app

Hi folks

Could anyone give me a hint howto integrate Mediawiki smoothly into a NC site?

I managed to integrate Mediawiki into NC using the External sites app.

The Mediawiki main page is being loaded & displayed properly in NC but most of the actions within Mediawiki will not be rendered in the specific Nextcloud subframe (just returning a blank frame, no error in apache logs).

I assume this is due to a https or iframe issue.
But is this a HTTPS server matter or a NC matter?

My LAMP environment
NC 18.0.2 (stable branch)
Mediawiki 1.34.0
Debian GNU/Linux 10.3 (stable)
Apache 2.4.38 / HTTPS
MySQL 10.1.38
PHP 7.3.14


Hi folks

I found a solution that enabled a flawless Mediawiki integration with Nextcloud.

Add the following entry to Mediawiki LocalSettings.php config file:
$wgEditPageFrameOptions = "SAMEORIGIN";

…and restart your webserver.


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