[SOLVED] Ignore local huge folders like node_modules

Hello to everyone, i’m new at the forum so, in first place ¡Hello :slight_smile: !

In second place, i’m not a owncloud/nextcloud newbie, but i’m deploying a medium/large instance of nextcloud (+/- 600Gb) mostly big files (no problem) but in my section we also develop using nodejs and the node_modules is huge, sometimes platform-dependient and it causes failures when uploading to the cloud.

So, the question is: There’s any way to avoid sync of one specific local folder without deleting it in the local storage?

Thanks you

Also i forgot to explain, the server is a Centos 7.4 (not very important in this case) and the clients are all Mac OS high sierra

Any ideas?

No. That is not possible. You can de-select it via selective sync but then it will be deleted from the owncloud/nextcloud folder at your MacOS Client.

I found a way, you can add an Exclusion in Settings > General > Ignored Files

You can add a mask to ignore a whole folder i’m using (in my case) node_modules because i don’t want to sync any node_modules folder.

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@geek_person Does this solution still working? I can’t find those settings locations you mention here.

Sorry, I found it. It was in the Client not in the web portal. Got everything fixed now. Thank you!