[Solved] How to create a family calendar and use it on mobile devices with write permission?

Nextcloud version (13):
Operating system and version (nextcloudpi):
Apache or nginx version (no idea):
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The issue you are facing:
I would like to use a calendar for my family to see all appointments of everyone of us in different colors and be able to make changes or to write appointments to the children’s / my wife’s calendars.
All the puzzle parts i think i have together, but i don’t understand how they should work together.
I have set up nextcloud and installes the contakts and calendar app in it. Then i createt 4 users (no 5 is the admin in the admin group) in the family group, then i shared the calendars of every member of the group family to the group family with write permission. Then i put some dummy appointments to everyone to to have a test for my mobile device. Than i installed the nextcloud app and the davdroid app on my mobile device. In devdroid i put in the server and my account. And then i saw in the calendar app on my mobile devices my own appointments, but only them and not the dummy appointments of the others.
So what do i have to do to be able to see the appointments of the others in my calendar app on my mobile device (android)?
What i have to do to see them in different colors?
What i have to do to be able to change entries in the calendar of the others?
What i have to do to be able to create events in the calendars of the others?
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hey @Sil.K

where did you setup your family-group? don’t mix it with “circles”… groups are set in "users"
do you see the dummy-appointments in your personal calendar in nc?

i have exactly this set-up and it works like a charm. so your idea seems to be correct.

just set a colour for each calendar (it might be helpful doing that under the users-account

usually you should be able to open an event and tell which calender it should belong to. (at least that’s the case on android, thunderbird and outlook)

Yes, i set up the users in the user menu and there i put them to the group “family”, that i set up prior.

I see in nc 4 personal calendars and if i click on them then i see my appointments and the appointments of the clicked personal calendar of the other person.

Should I delete the personal calendars of all and use only one calendar?

that’s not neccessary, i think.

so… it’s not clear to me how your nc-view of your calendar looks like. could you add a screenshot, maybe?

and… you looking at your calendar - just click anywhere and open a new event… right underneath you should be able to choose which calendar to put it in. i just tested in with my calendar.

This is how it looks like in my nc:

And this is what my app shows to me:

Inside nc it seems that i have now what i wanted, i’m albe to create events in other persons calendar, but why i don’t see it on my mobile device?

:-# Computers hate me! After adding colors to the persons calendar in nc and having deleted my account in DAVdroid on my mobile device the 5th time, now it works … by magic. Thanks for help, now i will watch for a good open source calendar app for my android mobile.

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I have installed Outlook on my Android phone. How can I add the calendar of my NC to it? I also have DAVdroid installed.

try “simple calendar” --> https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.simplemobiletools.calendar


ummm. this seems to be a totally different topic. i hope you wouldn’t mind to open a new thread for your question (which i simpy can’t answer - except for… try to access the original URL your outlook is syncing against)

good luck

Ok, I will, thank you anyway.

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Thanks, I tried simple calendar, but it seems that it does not support different colors for my family members, so i use Etar now (don’t know if it’s good or bad, but it works).

there are several others. just none of which are open source. maybe you wanna check some more out on f-droid?
anyways… have fun.