[Solved] From Raspberry Pi to Rock64 migration


I’m running Nextcloud on a Raspberry Pi 3 (with NextCloudPi install).
I just bought a Rock64 and I want to migrate my installation on it.

What files should I copy from one to the other in order to avoid the pain of all configuration.
I mean the .cfg files an so (calendars, bookmarks…). I imagine the Database (of my files) can’t be moved.

I tried nc-export-ncp and nc-import-ncp but export build a .tar and import expect a .cfg…

My Nextcloud is up to date on both machines :
So is my NextcloudPi : 1.10.6

Thanks for the help in advance.

bold question: have you tried backuping your rp3-instance (with all data and database) and then tried to restore that on your rock64?

Nope, not tested.

That’s right that I could test anything on the Rock as it’s virgin ^^

I’ll try the instance backup. Thanks for the idea.

i’ll keep my fingers crossed for you :wink:

(awww and to make it easier pls make sure to have both of your instances on the same patchlevel as well… like nc 15.0.5 --> 15.0.5)

good luck!

Yeah, both are equal :wink:

Just enable USB automount.
Restore from the USB drive (with my ncdata).
Update port forwarding from my router.
And finally activate Let’s Encrypt to have certificate.

Et voilà :smiley:

Thanks Jimmy

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i really love ncp!

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