[solved] External storage config for hard disk

i’m trying to use an hard disk for external storage with nextcloud, which should be simple. I noticed that the hard disk is automatically mounted on /media/pi and i configured the external storage menu this way : “local” & "media/pi/SAMSUNG. The button on the left turned to green, but when i click on “external storage” from the main menu, it doesn’t display the content of the hard drive. On the contrary, i am forwarded to the main menu.
I supposed that my configuration is incomplete, but what?
any idea?


Often logfiles contain more information. Check also the permissions if the webserver user has full access to the folder (don’t forget it needs some permissions on the parent folders as well).

Update :slight_smile
It was a problem of rights when the hard disk is automatically muonted by the pi, i can’t change them. I also manually mounted it following these instructions https://retroresolution.com/2016/06/10/automatically-mounting-an-external-usb-hard-disk-on-the-raspberry-pi/, then changed the rights.
After this i modified the owner so that nextcloud can use it : You don’t have permissions to upload or create files here - local (external ntfs-3g storage)
It works!

simple way since you upload it once and let it stay upload to the user folder that is /home/ instead of cloud data folder or /home/ or the desktop but we cant upload any files through next cloud sadly to usbs(vfat) or the hardisk(ntfs)