[Solved] Error on extra apps installation


I’m running 12.0.4 version (but I’ve got the same problem in 12.0.3). When I install an app, I’ve got multiple troubles.

I’ve haven’t got error message in data/nextcloud.log, in my nginx log and in my php-fpm log.

Here is an example with the calendar (1.5.7) app.

Note that apps installation that are integrated in the source of nextcloud works fine. Just extra apps are concerned.

I’ve got the same rights in my apps and extra apps folders and files.

Is someone know an issue for this problem?

I’ve just tested to put my calendar directory into source folder instead of extra apps one.
And it works. :frowning:

Note that I’m running a multi-instance server.

Here is a part of one of my config.php file:

‘apps_paths’ =>
array (
0 =>
array (
‘path’ => ‘/home/www/data/org/pouet/nuages/instances/pouetpouet/nextcloud/apps/’,
‘url’ => ‘/apps’,
‘writable’ => false,
1 =>
array (
‘path’ => ‘/home/www/data/org/pouet/nuages/instances/pouetpouet/common/’,
‘url’ => ‘/apps1’,
‘writable’ => false,
2 =>
array (
‘path’ => ‘/home/www/data/org/pouet/nuages/instances/pouetpouet/apps’,
‘url’ => ‘/apps2’,
‘writable’ => true,

Path 0 points in sources apps.
Path 1 points in common extra apps for this nextcloud version.
Path 2 points in this instance extra apps.

Paths 0 and 1 are symlinks, but not the 2 one, no.
If I put calendar folder in:

  • path 0: it works;
  • path 1: it doesn’t work;
  • path 2: it doesn’t work.


OK. Lartza from irc channel helped me.

My nexcloud run on nginx web server.

I didn’t configure my extra apps folder location in my virtual host config file.

Here are the missing configuration part I added to make my extra apps work:

location ~ /apps1/(.*)$ {
alias /home/www/data/org/pouet/nuages/instances/${nextcloud_conffilter}/common/$1;

location ~ /app2/(.*)$ {
alias /home/www/data/org/pouet/nuages/instances/${nextcloud_conffilter}/apps/$1;

Thanks Lartza.