[SOLVED] Docker and trusted_domains: not works


After install latest Nextcloud (v14) with docker-compose.yml, I can complete setup from local network (192.168.x.x:8090) or from public domain (nextcloud.me.tld).
At least one of the accesses works perfectly, but I must edit config.php to add server local IP (if setup from public domain) or public domain (if setup from local IP).

 'trusted_domains' =>
   array (
     0 => '', (already here: setup from this local IP)
     1 => 'nextloud.me.tld', (manually added: to get access from public domain too)


 'trusted_domains' =>
   array (
     0 => 'nextloud.me.tld', (already here: setup from this domain)
     1 => '', (manually added: to get access from local network too)

After edit (in all cases):

Internal Server Error

The server is unable to execute your request.
If this happens again, please send the technical details below to the server administrator.
The server log file can provide more information.

And I have not any log in /var/log :disappointed_relieved:

Please help. Thanks.

After edit and re-upload config.php in your container, you must apply chmod 777 permission to your file.
Problem solved. Nextcloud doesn’t always indicate whether it’s a permission issue or not…