[Solved] Directory tree problem

Using Mail in IMAP with an infomaniak mail address.
The mail app synchronise mails as well.
So I would sort files by directories.
I create a dir (/perso), and another (/work). It seems good !
I create a subdir (/perso/urgent), and another… (/perso/family)
And I would to mode /perso/urgent to /work/urgent
So I clic urgent and select move option… To /work
And it’s the beginning of problems !
I have /work/perso/urgent
So I would to delete it… But it didn’t be erase !
Maybe I done an error…
I select the urgent dir, clic… Select move
I choose /work
And… I have now … /work/work/perso/urgent
Is it only in my case? Or some people have found the same problem?
Maybe a solution?

It seems to be a time problem.
I think the app need time to syncronize correctly with IMAP, because the next day all is good and dir and subdir are in the good place !