[SOLVED] Create new group without creating a user

Is there a way (interface) to create group without creating an user at the same time? The only way to create a new group is from the users interface, but required to create also a new user:

It would be useful, because sometime we just need to add a group and then assign existing users to this new group. Not fun to create a user along with a new group and then have to delete the user just to keep the new group.


which version of NC are you running?

since it’s no problem to add an empty group in NC12… change to admin-account
then setup - users - and you’ll see a window that is quite similar to the one above. there you should be able to see “add group” in the upper left corner of this window.

@JimmyKater wicked, didn’t see the option, it works.

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great! am glad you found it :clown_face:

would you mind marking my answer as solution? :wink: