[Solved] Choose apps than users can see (and use)

Some installed apps are not for all users in my nextcloud
I need to choose apps than each user (or group) can see and use but I didn’t find any way to resolve .
I think this option is somewhere, and I maybe pass on it hundred times… But I didn’t see it !

May be did you resolve this questions? May be do you have some ideas abour a search direction?

It’s maybe another problem ? But I have some nextcloud users I want to permit use shared directories but not use teh storage space for personnal use. And I find only full acess option to files (or no access using Guests app). Can I have a middle option?

I find a post saying than I can assign 0KB of storage space… But in the 24 version I can’t choose 0Kb!

Thanks by advance for your light in my path… :upside_down_face:

Its possible from the apps administration page page (/index.php/settings/apps/installed)

You can tick the “Limit to groups” checkbox and then you can choose what groups can use the app.

Hope this helps!

Thanks a lot
It’s great.

Some apps don’t have the Limit to group option.
May be because these app are part of others ?

But I can do great part of my needs.
Thanks a lot

That depends. Some other apps adds further settings options to your administration panel, hence the “limit to groups” is done from there, like MFA under security, or Nextcloud Talk. Nextcloud Office is also an example of this.

Thanks for this.
I’ll dig the admin options for apps.