[SOLVED] Bug when updating to 29.0.1

Hi all,

I’m runing into trouble when trying to update to nextcloud server 29.0.1

I have the following message :
InvalidArgumentException: Index name “fs_storage_size” for table “oc_oc_filecache_9txz61m88l70o” collides with the constraint on table “oc_filecache”.

I’m not able to see that table “oc_oc_filecache_9txz61m88l70o” . The question is : can I drop it safely ? But it seems “oc_oc_filecache_9txz61m88l70o” table does not exist !

I have read this : https://github.com/nextcloud/server/issues/42303

Edit : I d’ont why, I don’t know how but I’ve got it worked