[Solved] Best vps provider


I am looking for a VPS provider(KVM preferred) in SE region OR Los Angles is fine too. I have came across backupsy. My concern is, is 512 RAM enough?. I will be syncing my email so can say it will be used very often.
Or is there any other provider with min 1GB RAM with good storage on offer.

Budget is 15 to 20 USD/m.


I think Digital Ocean works well. You pay per minute, you can’t go wrong for a couple of cents spend on a night of testing.

Yes, this was my first thought too … https://www.digitalocean.com/


I use Digital Ocean as well. You could be so kind as to use this referral link if you want:
my digital ocean referral link

I suppose I should explain this. Using a referral donates credit towards my droplet. If this is inappropriate please remove this post.

Some providers are really great if you need hourly instances but they are very expensive on a monthly basis. OVH offers virtual servers (40 GB SSD, 8 GB RAM) for about 15€/month. It’s just a comparison, take a look at some providers in your region yourself. On a vserver you share resources with others, so it can depend on how many users are on your server and what they are doing. Especially in the beginning, I wouldn’t take a long-term subscription.

512 MB is perhaps possible but it requires good managing of your little resources. Even raspberries offer 1-2 GB of RAM. With your budget you should be able to get more.

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vultr.com offers more memory but less HD space then digital ocean might be another place to check out.


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I’ve got a Nextcloud for personal use on a 512 MB Digital Ocean droplet, it also handles my e-mail, Roundcube, Redmine, and a few (very low traffic) hobby projects.
It runs fine now, but it took quite a while to research and fiddle with various settings: Apache and MySQL by default were both set up in a way that didn’t really work with only 512 MB to spare.

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Thanks everyone.

Yes, i know DO, vultr and many others and i have nodes with them. Though i prefer Linode over DO(personal taste). The problem here is space not resources(ram/cpu etc). They have small space for hosting app like nextcloud which can be used for files and some other stuff.

I have tested NC on few and all is ok. But setting up this thing everytime is really hard. Thats why i asked here for opinions to settle this once and for all.

@rigrig any specific settings on that regard for 512 ram.

Like any bad sysadmin I totally didn’t document what I tinkered with, and I’ve switched from MySQL (to MariaDB) to postgres now, but I think I decreased max_connections a bunch, and probably stuff that http://mysqltuner.com/ suggested.
For Apache, I think it was mostly decreasing the numbers inside the <IfModule mpm_prefork_module> block, and disabling all modules I don’t need.

Thanks, i will give this a try.

You can also check https://hostiso.com/nextcloud-hosting/ They are listed also on nextcloud hosting provider list, large amount of space, support is also extremely fast :slight_smile:

Bro, https://www.server4you.net/

Halloween special. For 20€, thats more than $20 a month you can get a Dedicated server,
AMD Quad-Core
2x 1000GB SATA
100 MBit/s

… Just got myself one. Got free plesk onyx with it and I put my NC on it… so it kinda works perfectly.


Let’s just finish this topic here with the official provider list of nextcloud:

Sure, there are tons of other vps providers out there giving you some reference points.