[SOLVED] Android App unable to use other port than 443

My IP provider block ports 443, so I forwarded another port (2222) to port 443 in my router. This all works fine for the web browsers, but the official Nextcloud App on Android doesn’t let me change the port.
E.g. www.mycloud.org:2222 does not get accepted => “Unknown error occurred!”

Anybody having a solution/idea, other than using the browser?


Are you starting the server address with http or https? Like, http(s)://server.ext:port For example, https://www.mycloud.org:2222

The above syntax works for me.

As said, above syntax works fine for me also… in browsers, but I want to use the official Nextcloud App on Android.
the App does not accept this syntax.

SOLVED: syntax https://www.mycloud.org:2222 works indeed in the Android APP
My error was to try it with http://… instead of https://…
Big thanks!!

It is accepting the syntax here. I tested port 2222 specifically and it works fine. The server url looks like this,


I have Nextcloud v1.3.1 from F-droid on Android 4.4.

Looks like you beat me to it. Good to know it works for you :slight_smile:

Thanks for helping :slight_smile: