[SOLVED] Aborted connection to db 'nextcloud'

After my recent run of ncp-update-nextcloud (of course on the nextcloudpi webpage), the process crashed and now I receive the usual “Internal Server Error” message. Running systemctl status -l mariadb I get the following error message:

Can anyone help?

And what error do you get in detail? Is it related to the DB?

The last line is just a warning, looks more like connection 4 is aborted, but there are not more details, if e.g. the max number of connections is reached.

Thanks @tflidd

Since I am not an expert in MariaDB - how would I do that?

You can use the arrow keys to scroll to right when lines are cut off. Or you can use journalctl with the --no-pager option to get an output with line breaks.

journalctl -u mariadb --no pager

To get only the logs since the last reboot:

journalctl -u mariadb -b --no pager

Follow the journal in real time:

journalctl -u mariadb -b --no-pager --follow

Thanks, the calls worked, but the message does not get any more precise. Here the result of journalctl -u mariadb --no-pager

What do I need to do to dig deeper into the potential error? @tflidd & @bb77

In addition, I tried running sudo -u www-data php8.1 occ maintenance:repair but it resulted in a lot of errors which seem to relate to the nextloud tables not being available/accessible. This seems to be in line with the aborted connection to the db. Correct?

@bb77 Thanks for your feedback - I yet again learned something. By the way your first two comments miss a hyphen between no and pager, as I learned. Just if others might read this post.

I restored a backup of my Nextcloud instance (about 2 days old) and got everything working again. I do not know, what the exact error during the update was, but I can only recommend using all the backup possibilities of NCpi.

Not sure what could have caused this, as I am not a database expert either, but I’m glad you got your Nextcloud up and running again :slight_smile: