[Solved] 12.0.3 RC2: merged-login.js empty, leaving login button disabled

I have a similar problem as in this thread (login-button not working), but I cannot find these kind of error messages.
I revisited my nginx-configuration and for now I’m unwilling to comment out instance-id, without knowing what it would do.

But… I tracked down the problem to the fact that the JavaScript file /js/core/merged-login.js stays empty. Everything else works and I also can log-in when I manuall remove the disabled-attribute in the dom-inspector.

Thing is: merged-share-backend.json (or /js/core/merged-share-backend.js) and merged-template-prepend.json (or /js/core/merged-template-prepend.js) work just fine.

I waded through the NC-code and I think I roughly got the gist of how this works:
json-files in /core/js contain the actual files getting merged. I compared the checksum of the involved files in merged-login.js with another, older NC installation, there is no difference.

I’m running NC on a Debian 8 with nginx and PHP 7.0.23

You updated from 12.0.2? If it was working there and it is related to the update, please report it directly in the bug tracker on github.com/nextcloud/server/issues

Ok… I was just about to hit send on my bug report and rechecked something and now it works… Very strange… I guess it’s some kind of strange caching issue, but I though I cleared every cache…

//edit: I’ll post nevertheless, maybe there is something to be improved on the cache clearing.