Solus and deja-dup


I am using Solus Linux and it has nextcloud integrated.

it asks for server, username and password.

urls I have tried.

I obviously changed the username to my own.

failed with “cannot find webdav endpoint”:

Logged in(at least appears to):

But when I try to run Deja-Dup to back up my files I get a “backup Failed: HTTP Error: Found”.

What am i missing?


Well I have given up now.
I searched online and have tried all permutations it just wont connect.
I also tried downloading the app for windows and linux same result “can not find WEBDAV endpoint”.

I can login in a browser on the website and on that page at the bottom left there is a settings option. which then implies the webdav link to copy and paste. same result.

Well just as I about to give up I managed to get to work through trial and error.

it was actually the format davs://

I didn’t see this in any of the docs. or I missed it.