Software Freedom Day 2023

on the third Saturday of September, the world traditionally celebrates Software Freedom Day.

In our hackerspace (Brussels), we’ve been upholding this tradition for a few years now.
Last year, we worked around the topic ‘the cloud is yours’ (Software Freedom Day 2022). Obviously, we talked quite a bit about Nextcloud.

For this year, we’d like to tackle the topic of free software and its value in education. Right now, we’re looking around for people interested in giving a presentation, hosting a discussion panel, organizing a workshop, … These can be in Dutch, French or English. Depending on the response, the event could be anything from a one day, single track event up to a full weekend, triple track event. Would you be interested in participating, or do you know people that I might reach out to? Please get in touch!

Given that Nextcloud explicitly targets education (and for all the rights reasons!), I would be really happy if someone from NextCloud or proficiently using it in education, could come over and talk about this.


@Daphne @jospoortvliet you know the community best, perhaps there is somebody suitable…

i forwarded this forum post to our marketing team :slight_smile:

Thanks! Looking forward to the feedback :partying_face: :fireworks:

Hey JurgenG,

It’s brilliant to see your enthusiasm for Software Freedom Day and your dedication to promotion free software. I’ve been a part of the open-source community for pretty some time, and I’d love to share my ideas and experiences with you. I suppose it is fantastic to celebrate holidays like this. Our workplace in Andersen even threw a big celebration this year! Everyone in the office loved it, so I assume it is a awesome way to boost team spirit.

So, the subject matter of free software in education is a integral one, and it is high-quality that you are focusing on it this year. In my experience, incorporating open-source options like Nextcloud into instructional settings can have a profound impact. It not solely presents cost-effective preferences however additionally empowers educators and college students with extra manage over their digital resources.

I would highly advise achieving out to instructional establishments and corporations that have effectively built-in Nextcloud into their workflows. They can share treasured insights and quality practices on how to harness its plausible for improving the getting to know experience.

As for the event, I’d be fascinated in collaborating remotely, sharing my experiences, and providing some realistic recommendations on leveraging Nextcloud in an academic context.

Hello Artinstasik,

for this year, we decided to broaden our scope since we didn’t get timely responses on the topic of education. As the event is next Saturday, we already have our program worked out.

In June I also became part of the Digital Freedom Foundation board (the organization behind the global event of Software Freedom Day). Maybe you might be interested in supporting the global events of Software Freedom Day (have a look on SFD 2023 Map: Find an event in your area! to see where there event is happening this year).

For next year, we intend to start promoting the event much earlier - to create more animosity and have more locations where the event occurs.

We have a dedicated chatroom on Matrix or you could mail me (jurgen AT digitalfreedomfoundation DOT org) to talk more about what could be possible in September (21st) of 2024.