Social login behind corporate proxy [solved]

Hi, didn’t found the answer on google, maybe someone here is smarter :slight_smile:

I’m using the social login app, it works great in my dev environment.
However on the homologation platform, Nextcloud and the OpenID Connect Provider (keycloak for me) must communicate through a corporate proxy.

Solution 1)
ask netxcloud to use the Corporate proxy (the environement variable are set, but not used)

Solution 2)
ask the social login app to do an implicit flow instead of an authorization code flow
in the implicit flow, the connection from the Relying party (Nextcloud here) to the OIDC Provider is not mandatory. The get user info won’t work thow.

Solution 3)
Something i didn’t thought of ?

Solution 4)
I might be able to contact the OIDC Provider, but not using the standard reverse proxy (and therefore the correct certificate), is there a way to ask this social login module to do the code flow even if the certificate does not match the hostname ? (just thought of this one, i’ll need some time to test it)

For information, it’s a nextcloud 13, and a keycloak 4.X
Both running on Docker / Openshift

Thanks for any help



i’m really sorry, i did a copy paste typo in the app configuration,
it was not a corporate proxy issue, but a “between chair and keyboard issue”

It’s working fine, sorry those those who read me.