Snappy mail not working UPDATE

Update NV to 29, snappy mail not working anymore

[PHP] Fout: Undefined variable $sEmail at /var/www/nextcloud/apps/snappymail/app/snappymail/v/2.36.2/app/libraries/RainLoop/Actions/AdminDomains.php#74
POST /apps/snappymail/?admin/Json/&q=/0/
from by beheer at 26 mei 2024, 21:06:11

There is something in their bug tracker:

Just have done a update. Still the same, try to logon…
Also if i click on the icon it sends me to a other place, for example documents.

Nextcloud AIO, last version (29.X)

Undefined variable $sEmail at /var/www/nextcloud/apps/snappymail/app/snappymail/v/2.36.3/app/libraries/RainLoop/Actions/AdminDomains.php#74

Then perhaps create an issue in their bug tracker. The issue was related to $sUser variable, perhaps there is something similar to $sEmail…

update to nc 29.0.2 rc2 helps at my setup to fix different things - also not working snappymail

or you need to manually change the code: Cannot add new imap Account - “Account already exists” · Issue #1561 · the-djmaze/snappymail · GitHub