[Snap] Speed up preview generation

Here’s the current configuration for my server:

  • Ubuntu 22.04
  • Ryzen 7 5700G
  • 80GB RAM
  • Data stored in 12GB WD Red Pro
  • OS in 250GB NVME

The system is also my Jellyfin server, though the videos are in a separate drive (20TB IronWolf Pro).

Is there a way to speed up the photo preview generation?

I’m not home for a while, and I’ll update this post with my config later, but can you provide suggestions on improving its speed?

NOTE: I wanted to put it inside Appliance, but I can’t tag “Snap”

You can use the preview generator app to generate previews in the backround instead of when the file is being viewed.

If you have issues with the previews in the photos app not loading fast enough, try the memories app.

To run the preview generator process in the snap, i think the command is something like this:

sudo nextcloud.occ preview:pre-generate

Try that and if it works, add it to your crontab to run every few minutes.

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Memories doesn’t work with the Snap last time I checked

I thought Preview Generator was built in. Didn’t know it was separate. Hasn’t done much yet, but I’ll give it an hour.

sudo nextcloud.occ preview:generate-all will generate all missing previews instantly

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