Snap Nextcloud - How do I increase performance/speeds?

I’ve been using the Snap version of Nextcloud for over a month now and I’m happy with the user experience, but not with the performance of NC. I am looking for a way to boost it up, since I don’t think that I’m hardware limited:


Ubuntu VM (ESXI host)

12 CPU cores (E5-2699V3)


128GB SSD for the Ubuntu VM

Everything is connected with CAT5E cables and gigabit switch, so I’m not limited by the network.

Storage is attached via NFS mount which is shared via the network from TrueNAS. The TrueNAS has 32gb of memory for caching and 2x3TB drives which are in RAID 1. On this same TrueNAS, on the same disks I have SMB share which I’ve created just for the test. I can read/write on it with over 100MB/S without issues. In comparison, the best speeds I’ve got with Nextcloud are 25MB/S and those speeds don’t even hold for too long. Usually I get around 10-12MB/S.

The Snap package has not been manipulated in any way from me - everything I’ve done was performed from the NC interface. Are there any logs which I can provide that can shed light why I have such a terrible performance with the product and is there anything I can do to increase it?