Snap installation - how to install SSL (paid) certificate

As the title goes, if nextcloud was installed via snap what is the correct way to apply paid wildcard SSL certificates ie not letsencryt or self-signed.


hey @senadman

as you are providing no info about your setup, your server, your envorinment or such - all i could suggest to you is: please use the searchfunction of the forum… for a first try a search for certificate and snap should get you some interesting hits.

if you had done this already please fill us in with more info.

if you haven’t searched yet pls do so and fill us in with which solution worked for you so that we could mark this issue as solved.

thank you in advance

hi there @JimmyKater

I probably should have detailed it a bit better. Basically I am wanting to install a new server using snap on Ubuntu Server 18.04 just because its an easy pathway. I have searched on these boards and couldn’t find much relating to snap and SSL certificates except of lets encrypt and self signed.

I have found on other boards :

" Copy the cert files in /var/snap/nextcloud/current/certs/custom/
and then
sudo nextcloud.enable-https custom -s cert.pem privkey.pem chain.pem"

but was wondering if this is the accepted way of going about things.


why not?
so why not just trying it? i bet it’s gonna work.
and we’re looking forward for you to tell about the results :slight_smile:

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