Snap install of nextcloud, failed to load Collabora online error

I’ve just installed a Nextcloud server on Ubuntu using the snap (which may not have been a smart move) and despite the settings showing a green tick beside Collabora online server is reachable, every time I try and open an xls or doc file, I get a spinning wheel followed by Failed to Load Collabora online.

The settings are set to use the built in COAD.

Version is 22.2.3 (from the about box).

Any ideas what to try next?


Just wondering if anyone has any ideas on this one, or should I give up on NextCloud?

I am having the same issue, did you ever figure it out?

Unfortunately no I haven’t. I have another thread running on this now as I tried running Collabora in a docker container to try and external version, but no joy their either I’m afraid.