Snap. Errors when update or install new packages

Hello team,

I’ve installed a Nextcloud 24.0.3 from snap on Ubuntu 22 with php8.0 . Recently I’ve tried to configure external storage but I can not found the option SMB/CIFS otherwaise I found the error:

“smbclient” is not installed. Mounting of “SMB / CIFS”, “SMB / CIFS using OC login” is not possible. Please ask your system administrator to install it. / “smbclient” No instalado. El montaje de “SMB/CIFS”, “SMB/CIFS con inicio de sesión OC” no es posible. Por favor, pide a tu administrador del sistema que lo instale.
In the Ubuntu Host I’ve already installed the packages requireds included smbclient, php-smbclient, and samba. How can I install it on the snap?

Also I have the problem with the imagick ext.
This instance is missing some recommended php modules. For better performance and compatibility it is recommended you install them.

  • imagick / * El módulo PHP “imagick” no está habilitado, y la aplicación Temas sí lo está. Para que la generación de favicon funcione correctamente, es necesario instalar y habilitar este módulo.

How can I install packages to the snap, please team I apreciate your help in this matter.

Many others have run into the exact issue. I suggest searching the forum, but as I recall, there was no easy way to add smbclient to the snap.