SMTP server solution for Nextcloud snap. Free, Self-hosted or Crypto-friendly


I’m running a Nextcloud snap instance on an Ubuntu VPS server and I would like a simple trustworthy solution to handle SMTP/IMAP in Nextcloud.

I already tried Gmail, did the research and the initial setup worked twice until it got blocked for suspicious activity by Google. I did the unlock Less Secure Apps thing and DisplayUnlockCaptcha is not available for my account. So Gmail is not an option

I would like/need:

  • Free SMTP/IMAP email service
  • Self-hosted / low resources email server solution for my VPS
  • Crypto-friendly paid SMTP/IMAP email service. I’m from a country with a lot of capital-control so I’ve no PayPal/credit/debit cards available.

I already have a ProtonMail Plus paid solution but I couldn’t find a way to use it with Nextcloud.

Thanks in advance and Merry X’mas!

I use Mailgun to send mail for a forum I run. Their free tier allows up to 10k messages/mo, which should be more than enough for any Nextcloud installation. It’s standard SMTP on port 587.

Thanks for you quick answer, I went to Mailgun after you suggested but without Credit Card info on the registration they limit the functionality to avoid spammers, which is logical I guess… so I keep looking.

The only use would be Nextcloud notifications.

Running a Mailcow instance on a low-tier VPS 1-core 2gb RAM alongside Nextcloud snap install would be too much?

Ah, I’d forgotten about that. I don’t know Mailcow one way or the other. But there are other mail hosts that Discourse recommends that provide a decent volume for free, and none of the others are marked as needing a credit card:

Mailjet looks like it could do the trick.

From what I saw will do the trick. The thing is now I see the IP of my VPS has been blacklisted for spamming a while ago, I just got it two months ago.

Will try to de-list it or just get another VPS and migrate.

Thanks a lot for your answers, will update when get everything working.

I use Their free tier is 10000 e-mails a month. You need a credit card to move up to the paid tier, but unless you are hosting a very busy Nextcloud site it should work for you. It is also cypto friendly.

They are aggressive with limiting spam, I have received a call asking why so many people were marking me as spam on a marketing list. But they were helpful when I demonstrated I was doing all the GDPR things and had the proper records.