Hey folks, how are you doing?
I installed a fresh NC AIO latest version and im struggling with the SMTP config. Info below:

I have two Nextcloud installations:

  1. LAMP stack installation with NC 25.
  2. Nextcloud AIO latest version, NC 27, fresh install.

I copied the SMTP configuration which is fully functional on the 1st Nextcloud to the Nextcloud AIO fresh install and i get an error.

Configuration on both server below:

Am i doing something wrong here?

Thank you in advance!!

Mailing changed in 26. Check the warning at Email — Nextcloud latest Administration Manual latest documentation


Thanks for the answer but i still do not understand what do i have to configure diferently, even after reading the docs

I tried again today, without changing any of the configurations and it is working. No idea what happened so i can not even contribute with a solution.