SMS send and receive app for Nextloud over android

I was trying to explore more features that could be useful and found the following
it is free, it just requires an API to communicate with the Phone app.
What is not free is the SIM and your android phone.
Could anyone help? an APP on Nextcloud would be great if someone is willing to help.

Is the Phone Sync App what you are looking for?

No the phone sync App is just to sync sms messages and it is only one way . from phone to nextcloud.
The proposed one ( is 2 way , you can send as well as receive SMS, please have a look at the site… they provide an API . I am not an expert in APIs hence I do not know how to further use or develop

Old post but I don’t like this as you use their service and likely other private info of some type. Defeating the purpose of decoupling from the intrusive nature of apps etc.

He wasn’t asking about how to use THAT service, he’s asking about creating something LIKE it, but using Nextcloud instead of a 3rd party service.

This could be done for sure, and a good place to integrate it would be in Nextcloud Talk. Nextcloud Talk Android would have to be expanded into SMS, and some kind of a back end would have to be set up to relay SMS messages from the browser instance through the Android application. It wouldn’t be an easy job.

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